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Working from home isn’t a new concept. Until 2020, some organizations utilized telework, but many did not. The COVID-19 pandemic changed all that. Not only did it send thousands of people home to work, telework itself was redefined from “the new normal” to a simple “normal” course of operation. 

That’s why we developed the Twin Cities Telework webinar series – to give teleworkers and telemanagers the knowledge and skills they need to maintain an effective, long-term telework strategy. 

Employers and employees have much to consider when it comes to the future of telework in their organization. Twin Cities Telework webinars feature experts who not only help identify some of the challenges you’ll face, but who can teach telework best practices, provide insight into emerging telework trends, and guide you and your organization to success.


Hybrid and the Future of Work WEBINAR Nov 2021 copy.jpg

Join us for the webinar, Hybrid and the Future of Work, where we will examine the current state of the hybrid workplace, and address how HR, business leaders and managers can leverage this time of transition. 

This interactive session will cover:

  • Hybrid best practices and the latest thinking

  • What are the different hybrid work models?

  • Prepare managers and leaders to confidently lead in the hybrid environment

  • Managing remote workers by deliverables

  • How to deal with co-worker resentment

  • Productivity dashboards

  • Home office stipends

Co-founder of the Remote Leadership Institute, presenter Kevin Eikenberry has spent more than 30 years helping organizations and leaders build skills in leadership, teamwork, and communication. 

The webinar will be recorded and sent to all registrants after the live session.



Getting it Right: Best Practices for Teleworkers and Their Managers

April 2021

In this telework training webinar, teleworkers and managers will learn valuable skills to ensure success in their hybrid or full-time work from home arrangements. Presenter Elham Shirazi will lay out practical steps for teleworkers to plan their workdays, develop and achieve goals, set up a home office and improve productivity. Managers will get pragmatic advice on remote management of teams, from tracking challenges and resolutions to helping teams build and achieve deliverables. Both will come away with tips on how to maintain open lines of communication. 

telework man with glasses_sm.jpg

Working From Home: Lessons Learned Over the Past Year

February 2021

A look at the telework lessons and trends that have emerged since companies across the nation sent staff home to work due to the pandemic.

Presenter Elham Shirazi, a telework expert in the field for more than three decades, digs into national data in this hour-long discussion. She tackles topics around employees’ views about returning to the worksite, resources and assistance they need, mental health issues and video conferencing fatigue. Employer reactions to working from home, dealing with employee wellness and employee engagement is also covered. 


Telework and the Current Commute

December 2020

Telework has impacted organizations along the I-494 corridor, the region, and the nation since March, and it looks likely to continue well into 2021.

The kickoff of our Twin Cities Telework webinar series drew on survey data. View the webinar to learn what commuters see as pros and cons to telework and get an idea how employers might incorporate telework into future return-to-work plans.

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