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Sample Teleworker Agreement.png

Sample Teleworker Agreement

The sample telework policy will give you guidance as to how to structure a formal telework policy within your organization. 


Telework as a

Business Strategy

Defining telework, ROI, employer impacts, successful programs and more.

Sample Daily Telework Log.png

Sample Daily

Telework Log

Before the start of each telework day, use this form to note what tasks you will be working on. 

Tips for Telework Success.png

Tips for Telework Success

Telework can offer greater flexibility and comfort, but it’s more than just working at home. 

Sample Telework Discussion Application.p

Sample Telework Discussion Application

This tool guides the dialogue to assist the teleworker and supervisor to analyze the various considerations for telework.

Home Office Safety & Ergonomic Guideline

Home Office Safety & Ergonomic Guidelines

Use these checkpoints to determine compliance with the employer’s setup, safety and ergonomic requirements. 

Why Formalize Telework.png

Why Formalize Telework Infographic

A formal telework program provides the policies, procedures and training to ensure positive results.

Tips for Manager Success.png

22 Tips for Manager Success

When planned and managed effectively, telework is a great way for an organization to build trust and teamwork. 

Sample Telework Policy.png

Sample Telework Policy

These guidelines offer direction for teleworkers, employees not teleworking, and management.