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Managing employees who work from home takes a different set of skills and communication tools than managing in-office employees.

This was true before the pandemic hit, but then managers had to suddenly supervise entire teams of employees that were sent home.

Managers were given a crash course in supervising remote workers, whether they were ready or not. And data shows that 40 percent of managers doubt their ability to manage remote staff (Harvard Business Review study).

Commuter Services has effective resources to assist managers to successfully supervise employees who telework. We will develop new tools to address the growing trend of a hybrid workforce, where a portion of a company’s staff splits their time between their home office and the company worksite.


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Telework resources for managers include:


  • Telework & Hybrid Work Tips NEW

  • Sample Teleworker Agreement

  • Tips for Telework Success

  • Sample Telework Discussion Application

  • 22 Tips for Manager Success

  • Mental Health Recommendations for Teleworkers

  • Sample Daily Telework Log

  • Sample Telework Policy

  • Home Office Safety and Ergonomic Guidelines

  • Mental Health Quick Tips

  • How to Help Employees Avoid FOMO When Working from Home

  • Hybrid Employee Agreement

  • Hybrid Work Policy

  • Setting it up Right: Telework and Hybrid Work

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