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How does telework affect employee productivity?

Please use the following checkpoints to determine compliance with the employer’s physical setup, safety and ergonomic requirements for telework.


____ Dedicated work area 


____ Safe exit paths from work area (recommended width is 36")

____ Area free of loose rugs on slippery floors

____ Smoke detector/alarm present and functional

____ Fire extinguisher near work area or clear access to the fire extinguisher 

____ Adequate first aid supplies

____ Electrical outlets are functioning properly and not overloaded

____ Power surge protection in place

____ Secure storage for confidential information

____ Privacy for confidential phone conversations

____ Work equipment is out of direct sunlight and away from heaters

____ Adequate air quality/ventilation

____ Flammable materials have been removed from the office area

____ Overhead shelves/cabinets are secured firmly

____ Furniture and equipment are ergonomically correct   


  • Computer desk:  26” high and able to handle weight of equipment 

    • Keyboard reach:  23” to 28” from operator

    • Keyboard slope: 10-20 degree range 

  • Monitor: top of typing line is slightly below eye level. Ideally laptop is hooked up to an external monitor

  • Mouse and keyboard: Should be positioned at seated elbow height

  • Chair: Use a chair that allows your seated height to match the desk height

    • Back tilt recommended. Height of seat 15 to 21” from floor

    • Sit back on chair with spine fully supported

    • Try using a small box or crate for a footrest

  • Lighting: Directed behind or to the side of vision, not in front or above

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