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Working from home isn’t a new concept. Until 2020, some organizations utilized remote work, also called telework, but many did not. The COVID-19 pandemic changed all that. Not only did it send thousands of people home to work, telework itself was redefined from “the new normal” to a simple “normal” course of operation. 

That’s why we developed the Twin Cities Telework webinar series – to give teleworkers, employers and managers the knowledge and skills they need to maintain an effective, long-term telework strategy. 

Employers and employees have much to consider when it comes to the future of remote work in their organization. Twin Cities Telework webinars feature experts who not only help identify some of the challenges you’ll face, but who can teach telework best practices, provide insight into emerging telework trends, and guide you and your organization to success.


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Detours Ahead: I-494 Construction Impacts and Options

MnDOT’s I-494: Airport to Highway 169 construction manager shares highlights of this year’s construction including: 

  • Project improvements and related details

  • Project timelines from 2023 to 2026

  • What to expect for the remainder of this year

  • Detours and how to get around during construction

  • The full I-494: Airport to Highway 169 vision 

  • And more!


Managing Hybrid Teams webinar graphic_image only.png

Managing Hybrid Teams

Now that employers are bringing staff back to the office, hybrid work is no longer a concept – it’s a reality. In this webinar led by presenter Elham Shirazi, managers and employers can learn how to adjust their supervision skills to meet the unique needs of hybrid teams. Get advice on how to keep open lines of communication, assess productivity, build culture and engagement, and recognize signs of burnout.  



Getting it Right: Best Practices for Teleworkers and Their Managers

In this webinar, teleworkers and managers learn valuable skills to ensure success in their hybrid or full-time work from home arrangements. Presenter Elham Shirazi lays out practical steps for teleworkers to plan their workdays, develop and achieve goals, set up a home office and improve productivity. Managers get pragmatic advice on remote management of teams, from tracking challenges and resolutions to helping teams build and achieve deliverables. 

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Home Office Ergonomics

You’re ready to work from home long-term, but is your home office ready, too? In this webinar, learn about common home office injury causes, and ways to avoid them from experts Dr. Sara Cuperus of Chiropractic Performance Center and Dr. Chad Henriksen from WorkSiteRight at Northwestern Health Sciences University.


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Working From Home: Lessons Learned Over the Past Year

A look at the telework lessons and trends that have emerged since companies across the nation sent staff home to work due to the pandemic.

Presenter Elham Shirazi, a telework expert in the field for more than three decades, digs into national data in this hour-long discussion. She tackles topics around employees’ views about returning to the worksite, resources and assistance they need, mental health issues and video conferencing fatigue. Employer reactions to working from home, dealing with employee wellness and employee engagement is also covered. 

Hybrid and the Future of Work_photo only.jpg

Hybrid and the Future of Work

Workplace culture is evolving as organizations implement long-term hybrid and remote teams. Learn how fluidity and flexibility can be advantageous going forward. In this webinar, presenter Kevin Eikenberry delivers thought-provoking considerations for the future of the workplace.

Topics include: hybrid models, expectations and productivity, team communication and relationships, and other best practices.



Telework and the Current Commute

Telework has impacted organizations along the I-494 corridor, the region, and the nation since March, and it looks likely to continue well into 2021.

The kickoff of our Twin Cities Telework webinar series drew on survey data. View the webinar to learn what commuters see as pros and cons to telework and get an idea how employers might incorporate telework into future return-to-work plans.

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