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Setting Up a Home Office on a Budget

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Are you still working at your kitchen table? If so, you are not alone. Most of us didn’t lease our apartments or buy our homes thinking we would need a home office space.

Forty percent of commuters who responded to our telework survey indicated they do not have a desk and are working from their kitchen tables.

Check out these ideas and hacks for setting up a home office on a budget.

Thrift and Repurpose or Buy New at Bargain Prices

Check out these ideas and hacks for setting up a home office on a budget.

· Visit thrift shops

· Check Craigslist

· Search through Facebook Marketplace

· Check out IKEA’S ‘as is’ department

Other ideas:

  • Don’t be afraid of a nick or a ding on a used desk. You can cover the top of the desk with fabric or shelf contact paper or brighten old-looking wood with a fresh coat of paint.

  • You don’t need an expensive office chair, it is easy to adapt a comfortable chair with a back pillow or rolled up towel or a small decorative pillow.

  • Consider using an exercise ball as your home office chair. Bouncing may help you feel awake and motivated.

  • You can raise your monitor by using a stack of books or a box or ream of paper so it’s just the right height for you.

  • Use a shoe box to handle incoming mail. You can wrap it to make it look fun. Or use a hanging shoe organizer for envelopes, letters and correspondence.

  • If your desk has a drawer, you can use a silverware sorter for pens, paper clips, staples, and tape.

  • Utilize wall space and install a shelf.

  • Keep files organized to avoid having piles of paperwork sitting around. A clutter-free desk looks good, feels good and causes fewer distractions. Try not to put anything on your desk that is not necessary. Some even say you should be ruthless about preventing clutter, which comes down to ample storage and habit.

  • Take advantage of special supply offers. Office supplies are on huge discount at Office Depot and Staples during their Back to School Sales. And watch for September clearance items.

  • And keep an eye out during Black Friday season. Some stores also have tax-season discounts.

Other ways to score deals:

Your local Buy Nothing group on Facebook

Dollar Tree/Dollar Stores




Target clearance section

Thrift stores such as Goodwill, Unique, Savers and more

Get your employer to chip in

TCTelework_Home Office on a Budget
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